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July 1,2020

5 Reasons to use Beard Oil

As a bearded individual I enjoy my time playing hard by going to the beach or fishing on the lake. One evening after spending the day casting a line and the sun starts to go down I head home and go to the bathroom to throw on some beard oil to fix that frizzy beard I got from being in the hot Florida sun all day. After I freshen up and get myself ready to go out for dinner with my wife I find myself thinking about a friend of mine who asked me a question the other day. He asked me, why do you use beard oil? I quickly explained that beard oils help in several ways and keeps it nice. Thinking about it I realized that I didn’t answer his question at all, in fact I gave him the same answer that barbers give to their customers without really explaining the benefits of using beard oil. Why do we use beard oils? 

What exactly is beard oil?

Before getting into the 5 reasons to use beard oil, it’s important to know what makes a beard oil. Once you understand what is inside your beard oil, the better understanding you’ll have on why you should use beard oil. Beard oil consists of a few ingredients.These ingredients include a carrier oil and a scent. There are some that will include vitamins or or minerals. Each beard oil is designed to help with beards in ways. The texture and the consistency of a beard oil is designed for different applications. Some types of scent are added to provide a smell pleasing to the individual. Now let's break down beard oil into ingredients. 

Carrier oils

Beard oils will include at least one type of carrier oil. There are several types that carrier oils that can be used.


Some companies will add vitamins for additional benefits.


Scents are added to create a unique profile of smell to a beard oil


Your larger companies that sell through retail locations such as Walmart will use preservatives to protect the beard oil while sitting on the shelf for long periods of time. 

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils are one of the main components of a beard oil. These oils provide the benefactors that help with maintaining your beard. While most of the carriers have similar benefits, I will talk about the most common ones in the majority of your beard oils. 

Jojoba oil is found in many of the products on the market because of the moisturizing factors. Consisting of vitamin A, jojoba oil is great for smooth and soft skin. 

Avocado oil provides fatty acids that help replenish the oils in the skin, while balancing the production of the skin’s oil. 

Almond oil moisturizes the skin and can be helpful for skin damage from acne and eczema. However, it is important to note almond oil can cause allergic reactions if someone has a nut allergy. 

Apricot oil is full of vitamin a, c, and e as well as fatty acids like avocado oil. One benefit apricot oil provides is the ability to absorb quickly because of the light oil structure. 

Hemp seed oil is an emollient leaving the skin soft and supple. Hemp oil also includes vitamin a, c, and e as well as fatty acids to regulate oil production in the skin. Hemp oil also provides anti-inflammatory properties that add more skin benefits than other carrier oils. 

As you can see, most carrier oils are similar to one another. With slight differences, such as quick absorption rate, some with vitamins and other with fatty acids. While each one provides benefits to your beard, it’s not uncommon to see a mixture of carrier oils in your beard oil. For instance we at Beach Bum Beards us a mixture of Hemp seed oil and Apricot oil. The Hemp seed oil allows us to get the most beneficial properties for your skin, and the apricot oil helps create a lighter and fast absorbing oil that doesn’t leave you with a greasy, oily feeling beard all day. Every brand uses a different carrier oil for their own reasons, rather it be for cost efficiencies, rather it be for trends, or for health factors. What makes each beard oil unique is the scent. 

What makes the beard oil smell good?

There are two common ways to add scents to beard oil. One way is using essential oils and the other is fragrance oils. 

Essential oils are normally produced from natural methods and tend to use more organic products to produce oils. They are concentrated scents from wild flowers, herbs, and woods to provide scents in cosmetics. 

Fragrances oils are scents that are made scientifically using chemicals and additives to create scents. These are going to be found in cologne or perfumes.Both can have side effects and create irritation on the skin, but usually that is because of two different reasons. If you have an irritation from an essential oil, it can be because of an allergy while a skin irritation from fragrances is usually because it is a synthetic created oil and not natural to the body. Fragrance oils can provide unique smells that essential oil is unable to create because you can add additives to create a scent profile As most artisan beard oil companies, we tend to stick to essential oils for natural and healthier products. We aren’t suggesting not to use products with fragrance oils. Because fragrance oils can create incredible new scent profiles and provide different smells, but if your skin starts to become irritated or rashes occur, stop using that product and stick to essential oil based products. 

The scent is the main profile of each beard oil. Every company creates a unique scent that represents them and their company. One tobacco vanilla from company A will not be the same as a tobacco vanilla from company B. Company A may use more tobacco and less vanilla and Company B may use more vanilla than tobacco. OR… Company A may use island cigar tobacco with vanilla while Company B may use South Carolina Tobacco and French Vanilla. There is always a difference, even if they use the same ingredients. I mention this, because scent is one of the reasons you should use beard oil. Now that we know what’s in beard oil. Let’s dive into the 5 reasons to use beard oil. 

#1 Moisturizing and hydrating your skin

This is one of the most important reasons to use beard oils. As I mentioned, beard oils contain carrier oils. These carrier oils provide vitamins, fatty acids, and other skin care properties that help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Vitamin E is known for promoting growth, vitamin A and C help with elasticity and smoothness of the skin, which reduces aging in skin. Fatty acids help promote the production of skin oil and that skin oil helps hydrate your hair, keep your hair strong, and protect the skin. Some carrier oils even help regulate the production of oil such as hemp oil and almond oil to prevent clogged pores that lead to acne. Others provide healing properties such as jojoba and hemp oil can reduce acne scarring and reduce eczema. 

Your skin has a barrier of oil that protects itself, and this barrier of oil can be destroyed from nature. With carrier oils we can add extra protection to that barrier on our skin so that our body can still produce the oils needed to moisturize our skin without allowing nature to cause damage. One example of this is sweat. When we sweat we are breaking down that barrier of oil on our skin, that’s why after a long day in the sun or working hard you tend to get itchy and raw spots underneath your beard. Water and oil don’t mix together well and the sweat is taking away the oils that we need. Now our body thinks it needs to reproduce more oil to make up for the lost amount and to complete the job at hand. That is when we start to see acne occur because we are producing too much oil and our pores are now clogged causing bacteria to grow and now we have acne. So using carrier oils such avocado oil or Hemp oil that has those fatty acids in them allows the body to keep the barrier needed to moisturize the skin and hydrate the skin, but also balance out the production of oil so that pores aren’t being clogged. With the antibacterial properties included this becomes a bonus feature to creating a health skin for your beard. I say this is the most important reason to wear beard oil because there is where it all starts, the skin on your face. In order to grow and show off a gorgeous beard, you have to make sure the skin that supports it is using beard oil properly taken care of.  That is why when on a hot day at the beach you come back to the hotel room and your beard is frizzy and scattered everywhere, that’s because it’s missing all the oils that the sun and heat damaged while you were out having fun covered in sweat. Since we already know that water and oil don't mix we can understand why our skin starts to itch and become irritated when we don’t use beard oil. Which takes us to reason number 2. 

# 2 Softer and Shiny Beard

Your skin will try to produce oil to make a beautiful, soft, and shiny beard. Unfortunately, you’ll find that you’re producing too much or not enough, or that nature and weather prevent it from doing its job. As a former cook, it gets extremely hot in the kitchen. The heat that caused me to sweat was doing more damage to my beard and face than I had realized. The sweat would leave my skin itchy and I wasn't able to hydrate my skin. Once I started using beard oil, the skin stopped itching and my beard wasn’t dry. I also saw a difference in how my beard help up. Not only was my face more hydrated, but my beard wasn't frizzy and tangled every evening. I noticed my beard held its shape longer, it was softer, felt nice, and the ends were not knotted. This is because the carrier oils help protect my skin during the day while providing the right amount of oil to keep my beard looking nice all day.With that said, reason number 3 feeds off the benefits of reason number 3, and that is confidence. 

#3 Confidence 

If for no other reason, but for this, confidence is a great reason to wear beard oil. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how can using beard oil boost your confidence? Let me explain, much  like getting a haircut boosts your confidence, beard oil can provide the same mental benefits. Beard oils promote shiny and soft beards, which women love. Beard oil provides a scent that you love, boosting your confidence much like cologne. Just like getting a haircut, a well groomed beard can boost your feel good confidence immediately. That’s why we created our Beach Bum Beard Barber Shop Beard Oil scent that smells like the warm shaving cream smell you get after a fresh haircut. Much like when you leave the barber shop and feel amazing all day long, our Barber Shop gives you that feeling every day, all day long. When your beard smells fresh and awesome, the compliments begin to flood in. I don’t care what you say, we all like hearing how “pretty” our beards are. You take pride in growing your beard. You massage and stroke your beard oil into your hair, it’s almost like being pampered. That same physiological effect of getting a haircut promotes a confidence boost. You can be as unique as you want, that brings us to reason number 4. 

# 4 Smelling and looking Fresh

Using beard oil has several health benefits, although simply using beard oil for smells is enough of a reason. I’m not talking about super market lumberjack scents you get at Walmart. I’m talking about the artisan culture of beard oil manufacturers world wide. Scents that stretch from fruits to whiskey and even tacos. There is a beard oil for everyone that matches your personality, matches your hobbies, or matches your lifestyle. No one wants a dirty sweaty smelling beard. Trust me, women don't want a sweaty smelling beard. You wear deodorant, you use shampoo, and Hell, I hope you use body wash. Why wouldn’t you want to have a clean fresh smelling beard? Now let's talk about reason number 5, the reason we’re all here to begin with. 

# 5 Beard growth

Along with the many benefits of beard oil mentioned above, using beard oil helps promote beard growth. Several carrier oils have vitamin E in them, some companies add it to their mix, because vitamin E helps produce growth. A study from Medical News Today shows a group of volunteers who used vitamin E and another group of volunteers used other hair growth methods. During the study they found that vitamin E helps replenish the shine that the hair loses as a result of damage. They also found that hair growth in a number of people using vitamin E rather than other methods. Vitamin E’s antioxidants properties can help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicles cells to break down. I’ve already discussed several of the carrier oils that provide vitamin E in beard oil. To fully get the benefits of the vitamin E it is best to use the beard oil after showering when the pores are open. When the pores are open that allows the beard oil to hydrate the skin and allows the vitamin E to absorb into the skin giving you the beard growth results that you’re looking for. Beard oil will help with genetic issues such as patchy beards or thinning beards. You are either growing a beard or wanting to grow a beard and therefore using beard oil will help with that. 


There are many other reasons to use beard oils and benefits that come along with using them. We wanted to focus on 5 of them that we find important at Beach Bum Beards and strive to produce products that help you. We want you to have the best smelling beard in the beard club, feel confident about yourself and your beard. We want to promote the growth of your beard, (because we don’t want to be the only cool kids on the block). Besides creating awesome smelling products, we want products that serve a purpose. Hydrating and moisturizing your skin to provide heather skin and blanched oil production that will give you the soft beard you and your loved one will enjoy. We want you to be educated about what you're putting on your face and in your beard. 

We also know that the beard oil market is huge. Artisan beard oil making is becoming popular and we want to hear what is your go to beard oil? 

Comment below and share your beards with us using #BeachBumBeards. Also tell us why you are using beard oils?

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