About Us



Florida is known for their love of sandy beaches, sunshine rays, and now beards. Yes that's right, Florida is the home to the coolest beards in the community. Unfortunately the sunshine and heat, salty breezes from beach, and the sweat can destroy a beard, create dry and itchy skin, and weaken the beard hairs. That is why we jumped into the Men's grooming industry. 

Our products are full of Florida Vibe

We took the scents and culture of Florida and beach bum life style bottled them in little brown bottles with pump action dispensers so the salty air doesn't destroy the quality, then we ship that bottle of awesomeness straight to your door. We are a small batch company with extremely high quality standards. 

We take pride in every bottle we produce. Even though we pride our selves in the Beach Bum life style, don't let that fool you, we work harder than any other beard company in the industry. Our philosophy is to work hard and play harder. We encourage you to also play harder, and enjoy that money you're working so hard for. Spend time with your family and friends and find new adventures. 

The Creator of Beach Bum Beards 

Who Am I? Derrick Rubush 

Chef by day and Bearded Bum Bum all day long! 

Embracing our passion for adventure and Florida coastal love, I started Beach Bum Beards to enjoy my passion of beards and beard grooming. There is nothing more exciting than to create an awesome product, at an affordable price, packed full of our Floridian Life style. Our goal is to create a product that will bring back memories or positive thinking all day long, so that when you work hard you can remember the the reason why we Play Harder!

Ready to give our products a try? Shop now and find your new favorite scent, and bring summer home today. 



Our Future

At Beach Bum Beards we focus on our future just as much as we focus on today. We want to create the highest quality product for our hard working and hard playing Bearded Beach Bums. Our goal is to create the best products in the men's grooming industry. Starting with our Beach Beard Oils and Beard Balms and then breaking into other segments of men's grooming. Our line up for the year will include a line seasonal and yearly line of Beard Oils, Beard Balms, and Beard Butters. Then we plan to proceed with our own line of deodorants, Shampoos, skin care creams, Tattoo healing cream, and combs and brushes. Then to compliment our amazing line of men's grooming products, we will be releasing our own clothing and accessories merchandise to accompany you on your next outrageous or relaxing adventures. 

Thank You For Your Support

We appreciate your support here at Beach Bum Beards. Without our loyal and supportive Bearded Beach Bums, we would never be capable to do what we love doing. We love to hear from you on any of our social platforms, share your adventures with us, show off your beard, and enjoy your experience. We strive to work hard for each of our Bearded Beach Bums when it comes to creating the best quality men's grooming product. Thank you for supporting us and joining us on our journey to change the way men groom while enjoying life.